Plucky Cashmere knit in Christmas green

by onblueberryhill on December 16, 2014

Christmas cashmere #1 - 1

Double-stranded cashmere – ohh la la!

Plucky Cashmere #1 - 1

Yarn:  Plucky Cashmere – sportweight 280 yds (2 skeins + 37 grams of a third)

Color:  Peninsula

Christmas cashmere #1 - 4

Needles:  US 8s

Pattern:  The Imposter’s Shawl

I love how the stitch pattern creates a basket weave appearance, and the edging is ingenious . . . this type of pattern, knit double-stranded in 100% cashmere yarn, is about as luxurious a shawl as you can get!  The pattern was perfect because it was interesting enough to keep me going, but simple enough to work on in front of the television in the evenings.  I like the size, too – not so big that it turns into a huge wrap around your neck, and it’s so warm, it doesn’t need to be any bigger!

Christmas cashmere #1 - 4

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Christmas cables

by onblueberryhill on December 11, 2014


This hat knit up so fast, it’s the perfect Christmas gift!  It is only in child’s size – it barely fits my nine-year-old, a snug fit but I imagine it will stretch a little – but if you had a lot of kids on your gift list, you could knit up a whole pile of these in a week’s time.

Pattern:  Traveling Cable Hat from the Purl Bee

Yarn:  Purl Soho Super Soft Merino in Paprika Red (super bulky 100% merino wool – 87 yds) – I used almost all of one skein, but had enough left over at the end that I was never worried about being able to finish

Needles:  US 11s (ribbing) and US 13s (body of the hat) – 16″ circulars, and then US 13 dpns for the decreases at the crown

Christmas cables 2

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Kelly Kelly Kelly

by onblueberryhill December 10, 2014
Thumbnail image for Kelly Kelly Kelly

Great test knit for Thea Coleman – the pattern is called Hot Toddy and I knit it in two evenings with less than one skein of Plucky Scholar in the Kelly Kelly Kelly color way. I was pretty much on gauge with US 7s (US 6s for ribbed brim) and used 16″ circulars (and then [...]


Christmas kitty cat

by onblueberryhill December 5, 2014
Thumbnail image for Christmas kitty cat

My middle daughter has been asking for a kitten for Christmas . . . you’d think that the three cats we have already would be enough!  But I guess there’s nothing like a new kitten – so I decided to make her a knitted version.  Not exactly what she had in mind, I’m guessing, but [...]


Sweet tart rainbow cardigan

by onblueberryhill December 4, 2014
Thumbnail image for Sweet tart rainbow cardigan

For my youngest daughter, age 9 1/2 . . . she might actually wear this one! Pattern:  Little Miss Rainbow Yarn:  MC yarn is De Rerum Natura Gillatt in color poivre et sel (I needed only 15g of the third skein – which means a lot left over!) CC yarns are Plucky Sweater in my [...]


Cranberry-orange bread

by onblueberryhill December 3, 2014
Thumbnail image for Cranberry-orange bread

I found this recipe on Pinterest . . . a quick and delicious breakfast bread for the holiday season!  I think it’s the brown sugar and butter strudel topping that makes it so tasty . . . although I was surprised by how much I liked the tang that the cranberries give it.  I bought [...]


Fisherman’s knit-style grandpa cardigan

by onblueberryhill November 30, 2014
Thumbnail image for Fisherman’s knit-style grandpa cardigan

Wow, that’s a lot of descriptors to fit into one title . . . but they all apply to Bellows, one of the gorgeous Brooklyn Tweed patterns from BT Fall 14.  I love Brooklyn Tweed yarns, but I wanted to experiment with a new, very similar yarn I discovered recently — Swan’s Island All American [...]


YOTH yarn

by onblueberryhill November 28, 2014
Thumbnail image for YOTH yarn

Another gorgeous shade of the “raw palette” – this one is Sea Salt – in the YOTH Big Sister yarn.  The Bark cowl pattern is a perfect way to show off the beautiful color and the soft bounce of this yarn. I knit it on US 6s 24″ circulars, and used an entire skein (231 [...]


Rutherford hats

by onblueberryhill November 26, 2014
Thumbnail image for Rutherford hats

Great yarn / hat combo – I highly recommend this new (at least, new to me and just recently available online) yarn from Tolt Yarn & Wool.  It’s YOTH Big Sister – a DK-weight in a beautiful “raw palette” of colors.  It is incredibly soft, yet holds structure really well.  I wanted to buy a [...]


Eggplant cowl

by onblueberryhill November 22, 2014
Thumbnail image for Eggplant cowl

A quick and satisfying project with another skein of lovely Bumblebirch yarn . . . this time I used two skeins (220 yds ea) of Forage, a 100% superwash merino worsted weight.  The color is Eggplant, and I love how the dye allows for variations in the color, which I think gives the finished item [...]


What’s Up Doc?

by onblueberryhill November 20, 2014
Thumbnail image for What’s Up Doc?

I’m so glad I can finally share this one!  Because it was a test knit for Thea Coleman of Baby Cocktails, it’s been kept under tight wrap until now.  This is one of my favorite sweater knits of all time – I think because of the perfect marriage of an amazing pattern and the perfect [...]


Churchmouse color spectrum in a cowl

by onblueberryhill November 11, 2014
Thumbnail image for Churchmouse color spectrum in a cowl

  I used my leftovers from this project to knit a cowl designed specially to showcase all of the Plucky colors exclusive to the Churchmouse Yarn & Teas collection.  You can see all of the beautiful skeins of yarn here.  Because the yarn (Primo Fingering) is fingering weight, and I wanted something with a little [...]


Autumn in the kitchen: apple pies and applesauce made from Hood River apples

by onblueberryhill November 4, 2014
Thumbnail image for Autumn in the kitchen:  apple pies and applesauce made from Hood River apples

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Flannel PJ bottoms

by onblueberryhill November 2, 2014
Thumbnail image for Flannel PJ bottoms

Another of this week’s quick sewing projects – using up the rest of my Shetland Flannel from this project to make PJ lounge pants for my girls.  I’ll give these as Christmas gifts at the same time that I gift the flannel robes.  Quick, easy, and oh-so-comfy! I used Simplicity #2290 (a repeat from this [...]


Plucky striped cardigan in Churchmouse hues

by onblueberryhill October 30, 2014
Thumbnail image for Plucky striped cardigan in Churchmouse hues

What beautiful yarn!  A very limited run of Plucky Primo Fingering, made specially for Churchmouse Yarn & Teas in OOAK colors.  You can see the full skeins here. I used 3 skeins of Morning Cuppa as the MC and 1 skein of Mighty Madrona for the upper sleeves, and then knit the stripes in all [...]


Origami scraps

by onblueberryhill October 30, 2014
Thumbnail image for Origami scraps

I used the Simplicity #1569 nightgown pattern (size 8) to use up all the remaining pieces of my Origami Oasis fabric – it’s a pretty patchworked result, but I like it just fine Pin It


Wool patchwork cats

by onblueberryhill October 28, 2014
Thumbnail image for Wool patchwork cats

I love finding new and creative uses for materials I love, like Mary Flanagan felted wool.  Fortunately for me, Purl Bee excels in coming up with projects just like this one . . . their free pattern is here and it’s the perfect use for one of their mini textured felted wool bundles.  I bought [...]


Sweet tart shawl

by onblueberryhill October 19, 2014
Thumbnail image for Sweet tart shawl

A beautiful shawl and another opportunity for me to show of Plucky Knitter’s sweet tart gradient. Pattern:  Aeris shawl Needles:  US 7s MC yarn:  Plucky Worsted yarn in Flannel (1 1/2 skeins) CC yarns:  Plucky Sweater in Lawn Ornament, Tip Toe, Fondant, and Tulip Time This knit up quickly – it’s not quite as big [...]


Pumpkin harvest

by onblueberryhill October 18, 2014
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Shetland Flannel robes

by onblueberryhill October 16, 2014
Thumbnail image for Shetland Flannel robes

Wow, this is gorgeous fabric!  It was my inspiration for this year’s Christmas gift for all of my female relatives – flannel robes, using the Purl Bee pattern. I bought the Shetland Flannel fabric at Purl Soho – 4 yards each in colors peach tweed, pumpkin herringbone, oregano herringbone, denim tweed, and grey herringbone. I [...]