Spring gauze wraps

by onblueberryhill on March 28, 2015

double gauze 1

 recently saw an Eileen Fisher scarf/wrap that I wanted to buy, but when I saw what it cost, I thought it would be worth trying to find the fabric and make the simple accessory myself.  I found not one but two beautiful spring scarf/wrap fabrics at Purl Soho:  Kokochi Double Gauze (Silver Grey Dots) and Robert Kaufman’s Veneto Linen Gauze (Flax).

linen gauze 2

linen gauze 3

 I purchased two yards of each, and then split the fabric lengthwise – this meant a length of approximately 72″ and a width of 18″ (for the double gauze) and 30″ (for the linen gauze).  Then I fringed the ends of each by simply pulling the threads out one by one – by far the hardest part!  I fringed the double gauze to only 1″ or so – I couldn’t stand it any longer, since it’s double gauze it’s two fabrics together, so you actually have to fringe two separate pieces of fabric for each end :(  I fringed the linen gauge to approx 3″ and then tied the fringes, so they wouldn’t get messy and tangled.

linen gauze 1

Next, I ran a stay stitch about 1/8″ from the short ends of the scarves, so that there was no chance that the fringe would continue to unravel.  Finally, I sewed a hem (1/4″ rolled under, then a second 1/4″ rolled under) along each long end.  I quick press with the iron, and they were done!

linen gauze 2

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Local Color Fiber Studio color family shawl: Orangina

by onblueberryhill on March 27, 2015

Orangina shawl 1

The third and final shawl in this series – see this posting for yarn and pattern info.

Orangina shawl 2

I’ve really enjoyed using this pattern to play with color, and Local Color Fiber Studio’s natural dye colors are so vibrant and gorgeous!  I’m surprised how much I like this wooly yarn as a shawl – I would have thought it would be a little itchy wrapped around my neck, but after a good soaking and wet blocking, it feels great – kind of squishy, kind of crunchy, very warm :)

Orangina shawl 3

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Woolfolk house cardigan

by onblueberryhill March 26, 2015
Thumbnail image for Woolfolk house cardigan

This project took awhile, no doubt about it – which isn’t surprising, because the FO consists of a lot of material!  The yarn is Woolfolk FAR (color 02), which has got to be the softest yarn I’ve ever knit with.  It’s a chainette construction, and I was skeptical at first as to how it would [...]


Local Color Fiber Studio color family shawl: Grapevine

by onblueberryhill March 21, 2015
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The second in my series of color work shawls from Local Color Fiber Studio:  the shifting colors from new spring green to deep purple remind me of slowly ripening grapes. See post here for all the yarn and construction details. Pin It


Mug board

by onblueberryhill March 20, 2015
Thumbnail image for Mug board

My friend made me this beautiful fir peg board  to display my favorite mugs – particularly the ones I’m hand throwing myself  I love all the little details – the lines of the boards, the routed edges, and how the pegs angle up slightly to keep the mugs safely in place.  I’m guessing I’ll have [...]


Spring magnolias

by onblueberryhill March 19, 2015
Thumbnail image for Spring magnolias

Oregon is particularly beautiful this spring!   Pin It


Local Color Fiber Studio color family shawl: Indigo Blues

by onblueberryhill March 18, 2015
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I discovered Local Color Fiber Studio on a recent Woolful podcast, and was thrilled to be able to order a wide variety of their yarn colors.  LCFS is a small, indie dyer on beautiful Bainbridge Island, and they use only natural products to dye their yarns.  The resulting colors are soft and peaceful, yet still [...]


Ten years old

by onblueberryhill March 16, 2015
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My youngest turns 10 years old today We continued with our tradition of a homemade and decorated birthday cake that represents an interest of the birthday girl/boy – Alia’s lifelong love of bunny rabbits remains strong, so I’ve come up with many versions of a bunny cake over the years! Because age ten is the [...]


Corvina in Signature Cocktail

by onblueberryhill March 14, 2015
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Fair warning:  this sweater is boxy.  I mean, REALLY boxy.  So much so that I think it’s not at all flattering – at least, not on me.  Also, this yarn blocks like crazy – and by that, I mean it stretches like crazy. I blocked it very gently, but it became incredibly wide and the [...]


Out of the kiln this week: bowls

by onblueberryhill March 11, 2015
Thumbnail image for Out of the kiln this week:  bowls

Amaco black underglaze on bisque, then Georgie’s grass green glaze, yields surprising results! Texturing the bottom of bowls thrown with Georgie’s White Salmon clay and then leaving them unglazed – insides and rims glazed with Spectrum Celadon (Cerulean). Playing around with texture and how it causes the glaze to break – here I used Amaco [...]


Out of the kiln this week: mugs, pitchers and vases

by onblueberryhill March 10, 2015
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I’ve been playing with different sizes, shapes, and glazes this week: Small pitchers and mugs glazed with Spectrum Celadons (Cerulean, Celadon Green, and Watermelon) A bud vase glazed with Amaco Celadons (Pear) Experimenting with a different shaped mug, glazed in Spectrum Texture Dark Cloud. Classically shaped mug, glazed in Georgie’s Cobalt Blue. Pin It


Bare Naked hat

by onblueberryhill March 4, 2015
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Pattern:  Creel Yarn:  Bare Naked Wool Stone Soup DK, color Marble Needles:  US 5s (ribbing) and 6s I used my leftovers from this cabled sweater to knit a hat in one evening – I think the yarn shows off the stitch definition beautifully.  It’s wonderfully lightweight, but warm at the same time – my only [...]


Plucky colors around my neck

by onblueberryhill March 3, 2015
Thumbnail image for Plucky colors around my neck

I think that Plucky Snug is the world’s most perfect yarn to have snuggled around your neck!  This pattern (Vouvray) is written for worsted yarn, and Snug is bulky gauge, so I increased my needle size to US 11s on a 32″ circular. I used 3 skeins of Green Goddess and 2 skeins of Make [...]


Cherry blossoms

by onblueberryhill March 2, 2015
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Everything is so early here in Oregon this year! Pin It


Sunny daffodils

by onblueberryhill March 1, 2015
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Bright and sunny daffodils, along with bright and sunny skies, welcome the month of March here in Oregon . . . Pin It


Tree cookies and succulents

by onblueberryhill February 28, 2015
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Inspired by a friend’s design, I used remnants from a tree we recently had cut down, a few candles and glass vases, and a small collection of succulents to create a centerpiece for our kitchen island that celebrates the coming of spring! Pin It


Sugarloaf cowl

by onblueberryhill February 27, 2015
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This is a beautiful way to use Plucky yarn colors, a quick knit, and it feels so soft and cozy around my neck! Pattern:  Sugarloaf Plucky Cowl Yarn:  Plucky Snug (70% merino, 20% cashmere, 10% royal alpaca – 110 yds/ea) – Thank You Note (2 1/2 skeins), Magnet & Steel (1 skein), High Cotton (several [...]


Creamsicle pullover

by onblueberryhill February 25, 2015
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Quick knit, lovely yarn, fun colorwork, and the fit is comfy and looks nice – this one is a winner!  I think I knit is in a week (more or less), which is hard to beat when it comes to an entire adult sweater, that’s for sure. Pattern:  Polar Dip by Amy Miller Yarn:  Plucky [...]


First attempt at glass fusing

by onblueberryhill February 24, 2015
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My brother and I took an introductory glass fusing class at Bullseye Glass – just two hours, and look what we made! I’m enthused that my kiln will do fused glass, as well as ceramics, but I’m restraining myself for now, since I need another artistic endeavor like I need a hole in the head [...]


Spring flowers come early here in Oregon

by onblueberryhill February 23, 2015
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The sun is shining, the scent of daphne fills the air, the flowering cherry trees are in full bloom, and the temperature is over sixty degrees – can it really be February?  I know I sound like a grouch, when everyone loves this weather so much, but I could do with a little snow and [...]