Tree cookies and succulents

by onblueberryhill on February 28, 2015

tree cookies and succulents 1

Inspired by a friend’s design, I used remnants from a tree we recently had cut down, a few candles and glass vases, and a small collection of succulents to create a centerpiece for our kitchen island that celebrates the coming of spring!

tree cookies and succulents 2

tree cookies and succulents 3

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Sugarloaf cowl

by onblueberryhill on February 27, 2015

Sugarloaf cowl 1

This is a beautiful way to use Plucky yarn colors, a quick knit, and it feels so soft and cozy around my neck!

Pattern:  Sugarloaf Plucky Cowl

Yarn:  Plucky Snug (70% merino, 20% cashmere, 10% royal alpaca – 110 yds/ea) – Thank You Note (2 1/2 skeins), Magnet & Steel (1 skein), High Cotton (several yards from stash)

Needles:  US 10 1/2s

Sugarloaf cowl 2

Sugarloaf cowl 3

Sugarloaf cowl 4

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Creamsicle pullover

by onblueberryhill February 25, 2015
Thumbnail image for Creamsicle pullover

Quick knit, lovely yarn, fun colorwork, and the fit is comfy and looks nice – this one is a winner!  I think I knit is in a week (more or less), which is hard to beat when it comes to an entire adult sweater, that’s for sure. Pattern:  Polar Dip by Amy Miller Yarn:  Plucky [...]


First attempt at glass fusing

by onblueberryhill February 24, 2015
Thumbnail image for First attempt at glass fusing

My brother and I took an introductory glass fusing class at Bullseye Glass – just two hours, and look what we made! I’m enthused that my kiln will do fused glass, as well as ceramics, but I’m restraining myself for now, since I need another artistic endeavor like I need a hole in the head [...]


Spring flowers come early here in Oregon

by onblueberryhill February 23, 2015
Thumbnail image for Spring flowers come early here in Oregon

The sun is shining, the scent of daphne fills the air, the flowering cherry trees are in full bloom, and the temperature is over sixty degrees – can it really be February?  I know I sound like a grouch, when everyone loves this weather so much, but I could do with a little snow and [...]


Cabled beauty

by onblueberryhill February 18, 2015
Thumbnail image for Cabled beauty

It was such a pleasure to test knit for Thea Coleman’s latest ingenious design, and exciting to finally get to share my FO!  The pattern is called Ommegang, and this was the perfect match of pattern and yarn. This was my first time knitting with Bare Naked Wool’s Stone Soup DK and it has to be [...]


Fresh Palette blanket

by onblueberryhill February 15, 2015
Thumbnail image for Fresh Palette blanket

Done at last!  All 36 squares – in blues, blue-greens, and greens – knitted and assembled.  I elected to make it longer and narrower, because I liked how this layout showed off the gradient colors, and because it makes it easy to wrap around my legs or shoulders when I’m curled up in a chair. [...]


Toasty Toes in Icey Audrey

by onblueberryhill February 14, 2015
Thumbnail image for Toasty Toes in Icey Audrey

Yarn:  Two skeins (230 yds/ea) Plucky Knitter Snug Worsted (70% merino, 20% cashmere, 10% alpaca), color Icey Audrey Pattern:  Put Your Feet Up, by Plucky Knitter Needles:  US 7 dpns for leg, US 4 dpns for foot What can I say . . . my feet love them!  The stitch pattern and cabling is beautiful. [...]


Schoolgirl bobbysocks

by onblueberryhill February 13, 2015
Thumbnail image for Schoolgirl bobbysocks

Pattern:  School Girl Socks by Cabinfour Size:  Knit foot to 7″ before beginning texture (for a total length of 9″) Needles:  US 3 dpns Yarn:  Quince & Co Chickadee, color Egret – the pattern calls for two skeins, but I finished up with only one skein, with a few yards to spare My only modification [...]


Turks & Caicos 2015

by onblueberryhill February 10, 2015
Thumbnail image for Turks & Caicos 2015

Our second year diving in Turks & Caicos, and it was as beautiful as the last!  My oldest daughter got dive certified, and we spent much of the trip on the boat with Big Blue Diving Co, exploring the islands and spending as much time as possible in the water. Pin It


Canvas duffel bags

by onblueberryhill February 3, 2015
Thumbnail image for Canvas duffel bags

I love working with canvas fabric, and particularly when I get to add a splash of color with fun zippers and webbing for the handles.  The Overnighter Bag is a well-written, easy-to-sew pattern from the Purl Bee – it can be sewn in an afternoon, and the duffel is the perfect size for, well, an [...]


Work in progress

by onblueberryhill February 1, 2015
Thumbnail image for Work in progress

Some studio shots of my works in progress: Freshly thrown bowls – I’ve just switched to Georgie’s White Salmon clay, and it is SO much better than what I was previously using!  Softer, easier to throw (although a lot more responsive to small movements, so it is a little more finicky), and I really prefer [...]


And finally, the blue-greens . . .

by onblueberryhill January 30, 2015
Thumbnail image for And finally, the blue-greens . . .

I made it to the 36th block of this project today, finishing up with YOTH’s Big Sister Fresh Palette yarns in colors Kale, Thyme, Rosemary, and Mint.  On to the next step – stitching them all together.  First, though, I have to decide how to arrange them color wise . . . Here are my [...]


Emptying the kiln

by onblueberryhill January 26, 2015
Thumbnail image for Emptying the kiln

I love days when a glaze firing is finished and I get to empty the kiln . . .               Pin It


Here come the greens . . .

by onblueberryhill January 20, 2015
Thumbnail image for Here come the greens . . .

I finished up the green hues of YOTH’s Fresh Palette Big Sister yarn for this blanket project . . . aren’t they beautiful? Pin It


Pots of the day: painting and carving

by onblueberryhill January 15, 2015
Thumbnail image for Pots of the day:  painting and carving

These are some of my first attempts at painting designs onto the greenware, and then carving around them.  The sheep and yarn designs are my attempt to copy the design of an amazing clay artist who sells who beautiful pieces at fiber shows around the country. For some of the designs, I have carved rubber [...]


Pots of the day: underglaze paints and carving

by onblueberryhill January 13, 2015
Thumbnail image for Pots of the day:  underglaze paints and carving

I first carved very rudimentary leaf shapes out of rubber stamping material, and used an ink pad and the stamps to imprint the images on the greenware bowls.  This simply gave me the size and shape of the leaf designs, which I then “filled in” with three brush-coats of underglaze in various colors. After the [...]


Fresh palette blanket squares

by onblueberryhill January 12, 2015
Thumbnail image for Fresh palette blanket squares

Because I just can’t say no . . . I had to try out every one of YOTH’s new fresh palette colors, because they’re just so damn gorgeous!  What to do with 12 colors of blues and greens?  I think that tin can knits’ vivid blanket pattern is the perfect way to show off each [...]


Pots of the day: trailing slip and attaching handles

by onblueberryhill January 8, 2015
Thumbnail image for Pots of the day:  trailing slip and attaching handles

Yet two more deceptively simple skills, yet difficult to execute without messing up the greenware! Pulling and attaching handles – who knew it would be so hard?  I’m struggling with getting them the right shape and size for the mug, as well as the right angle and dimensions for a comfortable hold.  Once I get [...]


Honeycomb cardigan

by onblueberryhill January 7, 2015
Thumbnail image for Honeycomb cardigan

The stitch pattern for this sweater reminds me of honeycombs, and it shows off the beautiful texture and color of this yarn perfectly.  The pattern is Phillipa, and I knit size small (36″) for my teenage daughter. The yarn is The Uncommon Thread Merino DK (100% superwash merino wool) in color Sorbet, and I used [...]