Knitted barred rock chicken

barred rock knitted chicken 1I’d knitted Blue Sky Alpacas’ knitted chicken pattern before, but this was a wonderful variation. The pattern for this variation is available online. I think it looks like a Plymouth Barred Rock. We have eight chickens of our own – they’re not as fancy, but they do produce more eggs than this one! I found that, for some reason, when I knitted this chicken in Blue Sky Alpacas dyed cotton, it came out substantially smaller than my first attempts, even though I used the same pattern and same yarn. I sewed a small fabric pouch the same size and shape of the base of the chicken and filled it with poly pellets (I didn’t want to dump the pellets directly into the chicken – although it’s very tightly knitted, I worried that they’d squeeze out over time), then stuffed the rest of the chicken with poly fill.

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