Magnet faces

The girls and I made these magnets last weekend as a craft project – I got the idea from this website, which has complete directions. We decided not to limit ourselves to happy expressions and we tried to think of how to express many different emotions — angry, sad, surprised, scared, embarrassed, in love, silly, etc. The girls got even more creative with their magnets and branched off into animals – we had cats, dogs, bunnies, and then the littlest one decided to poke a lot of holes in one of hers and call it an alien, which started a whole new line of faces . . . this is a great project for even little kids, because making the faces is simple and using just one paint color per magnet eliminates a lot of possible mistakes and frustration. I’m thinking they’ll make great holiday gifts for my girls’ teachers and maybe even for the goodie bags at their birthday parties . . .

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