Fern Mosaic

This was one of my first attempts at a mosaic project – a lot of fun, but very time-consuming!  I found this project in the book Garden Mosaics, and then ordered the supplies from a great online source.  What I didn’t realize was that all of the tiles were square-shaped, but most mosaic projects call for odd-shaped tiles.  This meant that I had to make multiple cuts on each of the tiles, which took a really long time (especially the fern pieces, which had to be cut away until they took on the shape of circles or ovals).

The arranging and gluing went comparatively quickly, and is the fun part.  I was nervous about mixing up the grout, but it didn’t turn out to be as difficult as I had feared. I liked this project because it highlighted how two colors that are only subtly different from each other can create a really striking pattern.  The only problem is that it’s pretty heavy, so we’ll see how useful it is as a serving tray . . .

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