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I really like Spud & Chloe, the new line of yarn from Blue Sky Alpacas. This pattern, also by Spud & Chloe, is made from the sweater yarn, which is a nice mixture of wool and cotton. I knit it for my youngest daughter, age 4 1/2, but used the pattern measurements for size 6 – it fits her perfectly, except I went back and shortened up the shoulder straps a little. The pattern called for 3 skeins of the main color (I used watermelon here, and popsicle for the contrast color) but I only used 2 skeins.lovey dovey top 3

I tried leggings with it first, but they looked a little strange – it really is more of an A-line top than a dress. I then looked for pants but couldn’t find any that matched, so I found the perfect fabric at Hollyhill Quilt Shoppe and made a very simple pair of pants with Simplicity Pattern 5284.

lovey dovey top 2The pattern calls for embroidered hearts near the bottom of the top, but I decided it looked better without (and I didn’t trust my rudimentary embroidery skills not to ruin it!) It seems very comfortable and soft – I’m interested to see how both the knitted top and the fabric pants wash.

This project knits up so fast that it would be fun to make a couple of the tops in different colors . . .

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