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arctic cake

This week was my middle daughter’s seventh birthday. I used to paint birthday plates for each of the girls, but we started to rack up so many plates that I decided to switch to cupcakes. I knitted this one from the free pattern on the Spud & Chloe website.

My daughter wanted an eskimo theme (this stems from the stories I told her about when she was born – she had such a shock of dark hair and olive skin (as opposed to my blonde, fair looks) that people were always asking me if she was adopted, and one even asked me if she was an eskimo baby. Apparently my daughter likes the idea that people believed her to have such exotic origins . . . In any case, we weren’t able to travel to the Arctic for our celebration, but did manage an eskimo-themed cake and party favors.

igloo cookies

My mom made the cake – she has made my brother and me, and now my girls, themed-birthday cakes as far back as I can remember, and it’s always part of the celebration to see what this year’s cake will look like. The igloo cookie party favors were inspired by this website; we also had a scavenger hunt at the zoo (where we held the party – a good place to let over a dozen first graders and their siblings run around and expend all their energy!) and I made the magnets from my earlier blog, this time with each child’s initial.

magnet party favors

It was pretty risky, planning for a party at the zoo (where you’re mostly outdoors) in November, and I had real regrets the morning of the party, when there was a non-stop torrential downpour and high winds, but the party gods smiled on us – it didn’t rain a drop during the entire party that afternoon, and there was even a bit of blue skies and sunshine by the end. Our scavenger hunt couldn’t have been accomplished without all of the wonderful moms who came along – most of the friends my daughter invited are from her school and because it’s a small, close-knit community, one of the many benefits is that the parents know each other well and support each other, each other’s children, and all of our related endeavors.

I think back to the birthday parties I had for my daughters when they were just babies, or very little, and marvel at how much things change . . . how the parties used to be more for me, and my friends, and what I thought would be a cute party theme, etc. – now, it’s a serious negotiation between me and my daughters and a challenge for me to brainstorm party ideas that they will like that don’t involve Chuck E. Cheese, JJ Jump, and other places that encapsulate my idea of what hell must look like . . . I think the zoo was very successful, we may be back for another birthday. Now if I can just keep from eating all of the leftover birthday cake . . .

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