A pink and ivory Christmas

ivory feathered Christmas tree

This ivory feather tree and ornaments were inspired by the Purl Bee; I ordered the feather tree here, and then made the ornaments over the past few weeks. I didn’t have to buy any new fabrics other than the wool felt in ecru and bright pinks, because I had more than enough in my fabric stash.

pink and ivory birds

I started with the birds – detailed instructions are available on the Purl Bee here. I was able to complete all nine birds in less than a day, although there is some hand sewing involved, which slowed me down.

pink and ivory puzzle balls

The puzzle balls were the most difficult but also the most fun, because it’s amazing how they start out flat and turn out three dimensional. Again, some hand sewing involved, mostly to put the finished product together. The felt snowflakes were the easiest, although it took a lot of time to trim them out after stitching them.

felt snowflakes

The branches on the feather tree are nicely spaced so it makes it easy to hang handmade ornaments for display – I’ve never decorated with a tree like this, it’s a nice addition if there are ornaments you particularly want noticed, because they don’t get lost among the branches like most do on our “real” Christmas tree. I thought this was a great sewing project because it involved very basic skills, but a lot of care and attention to detail – a little cutting, a little machine sewing, and a little hand sewing. I plan to try more puzzle balls with different colors when I have more time.

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