Sewing skirts for my girls

tired skirts 1

My mom and I made these fun skirts for my two youngest daughters this Christmas – I’ve used this pattern before, but they grow so fast I have to keep making new skirts! This is one of my favorite patterns because you can choose any fabrics you want, as many as you want, and it comes out looking different every time. It’s very simple sewing, but it can be time-consuming because of the gathering that is required with each level of the skirt. This time, we discovered a “magic tape” at Joanns that creates the gathers (so you don’t have to run a basting stitch) and that helped.

tiered skirt 2

The pattern is Portabellopixie – the Gracie sewing pattern, which we found (along with all the fabrics) at Hollyhill Quilt Shoppe in Willamette. There are so many color combinations to put together, I could keep making these skirts forever (if it wasn’t for all the gathering . . .) This summer, I want to try making a patchwork version – see if I can use up some of my fabric stash – by piecing together each of the four layers out of different fabrics, then sewing them all together.

tiered skirt 3

The cherries skirt (for my youngest daughter) went really well with leg warmers I knitted last year (green and white striped with a strand of green mohair knitted throughout). I’ve also made the sun dress (version B) on the pattern – it takes a little more work because you have to sew the bodice and the sleeves (well, not really sleeves, more like sleeve caps), but it comes out very cute, as well. When I make new dresses this summer, I’m going to pick fabrics to go with the incredible buttons I found here – it may seem odd to base an entire outfit on a button, but you’ll understand if you take a look at how amazing these are!


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