Wrap Me Up puppies

wrap me up puppies 1

Yet another adorable pattern from Itty Bitty Toys – I made this as a Christmas gift for a friend’s daughters, but they were hard to pry away from my own girls. The puppies themselves are pretty simple, unsophisticated design and construction – it means that they knit together relatively quickly (as quickly as anything can when you’ve got to knit separately and sew on ears, legs, tail, etc), but it also means that they aren’t that great as stand-alone toys. Wrapped up in their blankets, though, they’re incredibly cute, and while I followed the yarn recommendations in the book for the puppies, I was able to use up some stash yarn and experiment with different knitting patterns to make the blankets. I know that my girls love any kind of stuffed animal or doll that can be wrapped up and “cared for” – I imagine that’s what makes these such a hit (their creator has said that they’re the most popular pattern in her new book).wrap me up puppies 3

wrap me up puppies 2

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