A basket of fruit

toy fruits basket

Several of my friends and families members are expecting babies this spring, so in anticipation of needing baby gifts, I put together this fruit basket. All of the yarn is KnitWhits merino mini-skeins, which is nice because you don’t buy more yarn than you need (as opposed to purchasing an entire skein for each fruit). The colors are goldilocks, willow, apple red, and grape, with avocado for the leaves. The grapes, pear and apple are finger puppets from Itty Bitty Toys, and I put bells in the strawberries and banana to make them into rattles. The banana is knit with the yarn doubled on US 4 from a free pattern you can find here. The strawberries are also knit doubled on US 4 from this free pattern.










If I did these over again, I think I’d always knit them with yarn doubled (although it would make the grapes, pear and apple larger), because the yarn is so thin (gauged for US 2-3, knit on US 3) that the finished product doesn’t feel very substantial and the stuffing shows through in places.

apple, banana and pear

finger puppet openingThe board book is from Rosie Hippo – there’s a matching book titled Vegetables, so now I’m thinking about whether to knit some of the vegetables on the free pattern from Jimmy Beans Wool.

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