Cashmere scarf in blues and browns

cashmere scarf 1

I saw this yarn on the Loops blog and had to make something out of it – I ordered just one skein of the yarn (A.L. de Sauveterre Mont Blanc) in my favorite colorway (Briar Blue), cast on 38 stitches on US7 needles, and knit in a 3×2 rib pattern until I ran out of yarn. The end result was an incredibly soft scarf about 38 inches long – just long enough to wrap around my throat, or pin with a shawl pin. I like how the knitting pattern looks on both sides, which is nice because there is no “wrong” side – the only thing I’m not sure about is how the pattern causes the scarf to roll inward along its length, which makes it look skinnier than it really is. I’ll have to see how it looks “in action” once I have a chance to wear it – it’s so soft, I could see wearing it every day, it feels like wrapping a very small, very cozy blanket around my neck to ward off these cold, damp January days . . .

cashmere scarf 2

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