Soft and squishy baby blanket

Spud & Chloe bulky baby blanket 1

I needed a baby gift to go with this lamb – a perfect excuse to knit bulky yarn like Spud & Chloe Outer. Soft, squishy, snuggly . . . and knits up quickly! I think the color (soapstone) is really peaceful and calming, and the diagonal weave pattern gives it just enough interest (and keeps it from getting boring when you’re knitting it). I knit it on US 15 needles, with six skeins of yarn and the Mac & Me Outer Baby Blanket pattern.

Spud & Chloe bulky baby blanket 2

It’s hard to come up with the ideal knitted baby gift, especially if you don’t know the gender. I worry about giving any clothing item because of fit, style, color, etc. Stuffed animals seem like a good solution, but most kids have a roomful already, and I always picture my little animals, so lovingly and carefully sewn together, being ripped limb from limb . . . okay, maybe that’s a little dramatic, but considering how long each one takes to make, can you blame me?!

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  1. where can I purchase this baby blanket pattern. I looove it! Beautiful job.

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