Spring has sprung

bleeding hearts

I read in the newspaper this week that this has been the third warmest January and February in Portland since they began keeping records in 1892, and I can believe it . . . we had virtually no winter at all (which did not make for a great ski season!) As a result, everything is blooming here over a month early – it’s kind of thrown my internal chronometer off, but it is beautiful, and it’s allowed me to get the garden prepped on time for once . . . I’ve already gotten all of the veggie and flower beds cleaned out and mulched, and the potatoes, onion starts, lettuce starts, and pea seeds are in. The roses had to be pruned extra early, since they’re already starting to leaf out, and I’ve already fertilized them, too.

magnolia blossom


cherry blossoms

As you can see, the bleeding hearts are in full bloom, the magnolia tree is budding out, the daffodils are beautiful and our entire driveway of flowering cherries is in full swing – I just hope we don’t get a horrible cold snap or weeks of rainy weather now . . .

cherry blossoms in vase

daffodils in vases

The combination of all this nice weather and an early Easter this year has prompted me to get out my spring decorations – I like the sculptural look that this carafe-as-vase gives the cherry blossoms, and I wasn’t sure how daffodils would look cut short enough for these jar-shaped vases, but I really like the effect (they smell nice too!)

hydrangea plate

To celebrate the blue skies and above sixty degree temperatures we had yesterday, I put out some of my projects from prior years, including this hydrangea platter that I finger painted at Paint n’ Fire Ceramic Studio (yes, in the class I took they taught us how to make the hydrangea petals with our fingertips, which actually makes it look just like real hydrangea petals), and this felted Easter hanging (I love working with felt, no raw edges to sew under!) I have many more projects in mind during spring break, coming up soon, but for now, I’m just going to enjoy sniffing the Daphne cutting I have sitting on my desk . . .

bunny felt wall hanging

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