Beatrice Bunny

Beatrice Bunny 1Just in time for Easter, Beatrice can be knit in a weekend and is a relatively easy pattern (although it’s a pain that all of her parts are knit separately, and none in the round, so a lot of seaming and sewing together is involved).  In fact, it took longer to sew her together and to sew on all of the embellishments than it took to knit her, I think!  The pattern is Bunty Bunny in Summer Dress (you can knit bunnies in lots of other outfits too, I feel more bunnies coming on . . .)  The pattern is Australian, so it takes a little interpretation, and the recommended yarn isn’t really available in the states, so I substituted Rowan Handknit Cotton (colors slate, shell, and sugar) and Blue Sky Alpacas Homespun Organic Cotton – all yarns for needle size US 3-5, knit for this pattern on US 2s.

Beatrice Bunny 2

I sewed on the buttons on her jumper straps and the tiny heart-shaped buttons on her shoe straps, as well as the roses that trim her dress

 Beatrice Bunny 3

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