A milestone

Alia handprint 2When my youngest daughter Alia was born, my friend Lorrie gave me a beautiful baby gift – a set of five tins, each successively larger, for Alia’s handprints at ages one through five.  I remember thinking at the time how LONG it would be until all five tins were used . . . of course, now it seems like only yesterday!  Alia recently turned five and we did her final handprint, but then I was at a loss as to how to display them.  This shadowbox ws the perfect answer, and I like how the long, narrow frame emphasizes how each handprint is larger than the preceding one, and how it draws the eye from top to bottom.  Plus, it’s the perfect shape for one of those strange narrow wall spaces where I could never find a photo or another piece of art that would fit!

The tins came from Nordstrom and would make a great baby gift, especially with a photo of the finished product mounted like this in a shadow box.


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