Happy Fifth Birthday Alia!

5th birthday cake

Tryon Creek Park 1

We celebrated my youngest daughter’s fifth birthday last week at Tryon Creek State Park, where a volunteer naturalist did a fabulous job leading the small group of kids in craft projects, a nature walk, and games. It was a mild, beautiful day, and the trilliums were just beginning to bloom – which made our spare cake (or the “annex” cake, as I like to think of it) perfectly themed. My mom is the most talented cake decorator I know – she makes beautiful designs, AND they taste fabulous and are made with real butter (instead of fondant, or lard, or all the other disgusting things that bakeries do to frosting in order to make it easy to decorate with!)

5th birthday cake 2


I purchased this quick and easy quilting kit (with Moda fabrics) from Hollyhill Quilt Shoppe, then machine embroidered each of my daughters’ names on pieces of felt – on each of their birthdays, we hang the wall hanging in the birthday girl’s honor and attach the birthday girl’s name to the quilt. I also continued the tradition of a birthday “cupcake” – Alia’s is made out of fabric this time, in “her” colors. I like the idea that, by the time they leave home, each girl will have a collection of cupcakes to remember their birthdays by . . .

birthday quilt wall hanging

birthday cupcake

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