Easter Bunny finger puppets

Easter bunny finger puppets 1

This is a quick and easy project that makes a perfect addition to an Easter basket.  I had leftover felt in the right colors, extra embroidery thread, and the perfect yarn for fluffy bunny tails, so I didn’t even need to buy any new supplies.  The pattern and all materials are available on Purl Bee’s website here.

The directions call for hand sewing, but since I really hate hand sewing when I’m in a hurry and trying to make multiples of a project, I machine stitched each white + colored bunny set together, then machine stitched the four layers together, going around the head (leaving the ears separated) and being careful not to stitch the bottom closed (where the opening for your finger is).

The project also gave me an opportunity to help my seven-year-old daughter practice tracing, cutting, machine sewing, and even a little hand embroidery.

Easter bunny finger puppets 2

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