The perfect baby gift set

Shibui sock baby 1

I think this is the best baby gift set I’ve knitted yet – although it was a daunting project to start, because it’s knit completely in sock yarn (which means very small needles, which means it takes forever!)  But the yarn and the pattern were too cute to resist.

The yarn is ShibuiKnits Sock (made by a company here in Portland), 2 skeins of orchid for the Vintage Baby Cardigan (the pattern called for 3, but I only ended up needing 2) and the Baby Leggings are ShibuiKnits Sock in color kiwi (2 skeins).  They’re both knit on US 2 and 3 needles, and then I used the leftover yarn for the simple baby hat.

baby set shibui sock 3


baby set shibui sock 5

All of the supplies are available at Knit Purl downtown, which sells a full line of Shibui yarns and patterns.  The entire set took me a week – seven dedicated days of knitting several hours a day – but I think the FO was worth it.  Now I’m going to try the front button version in different colors . . . I made the newborn size, both because it’s smaller so it goes more quickly 🙂 and because I think newborn size makes the best baby gift – that way, the new baby can wear it almost right way (at least by age 3 months).

 baby set shibui sock 4

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  1. Too bad the pants pattern site has closed ????

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