creamsicle dress 1

That’s what this summer dress reminds me of – creamsicles and warm summer days.  Good think it’s a dress for little girls, because the lacework on the skirt (and the daisy pattern on the bodice) made it pretty see-through!  The pattern is Elenka, published in the Summer 2009 issue of Knitty.  I knit it in Cascade Ultra Pima, which was a slightly smaller gauge than the yarn from the pattern – as a result, I dropped from the recommended US 7s to US 6s, and even though I knit a little longer on the skirt to increase the length and used the specs for a size 5, it came out more like a size 3 (WAY too small for my just-turned five-year-old).  It took only two skeins of Marigold, and the trim is done in White.

The white edging is supposed to be crocheted, but since I don’t know how to crochet, I knit instead:  The bottom border is done in the round on 24″ US 6 (p/u stitches all around, purl 1 row, knit 1 row, bind off purl wise) and the neck and sleeve edging is done on US 5s (DPs for sleeves, 16″ for neck) (p/u stitches all around, rib knit P1 K1 for two rows, bind off in pattern).

creamsicle dress 2

I love this yarn for this dress because it’s got a sheen to it, so in order to try it in bigger sizes, I’m going to double-strand the yarn next time and move up to US 8s.  I think I’ll try lime green next . . .

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