Diving in Maui

Maui diving 1

Rich and I recently took a short trip to Maui, mostly to try out the diving there – the nice couple we dove with were kind enough to send me these pics of our dive trips.  The water was a little cold at 65 feet down (73 degrees), but the sea life was beautiful – we saw octopus, a reef shark, butterfly fish, eels, several different puffer fish, coronet and trumpet fish, and a whole family of green sea turtles, just to name a few.  The underwater scenery wasn’t as clear or as colorful as in Bora Bora, but the wildlife more than made up for it . . .

Maui diving 2

Maui diving 3

Maui diving 4
We saw at least four different kinds of eels

Maui diving 5

Maui diving 6

Maui diving 7

Maui diving 8
This puffer fish didn’t like being grabbed!


Maui diving 9
coronet fish
Maui diving 10
The view from our room at the Four Seasons
Maui diving 11
The beach at the Wailia Four Seasons


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