Lime sherbert

lime sherbet 1

It’s rare that I knit the same pattern twice, but this one is quick, just easy enough without being too boring, and I love the finished product, so I thought it was worth another shot to get the size I was going for. I wanted to knit it with Cascade Ultra Pima, but the yarn isn’t a large enough gauge, so when I tried it last time, with the Creamsicle Dress, I ended up with a size 3 even though I knit the size 5 pattern. This time, I used the Elenka pattern again but I increased needle size to US 8 and double-stranded the yarn throughout. It took a little more than four skeins of Cascade Ultra Pima yarn in lime sherbet – I knit the size 5T and it fits my five-year-old daughter perfectly, with even a little room to grow.


lime sherbet 2The armholes and neck hole seemed really large, so I changed the white trim stitch to match the bottom of the dress (pick up stitches around the opening, purl one row, knit one row, cast off purlwise). This really tightened up the openings nicely, making for a better fit.

Now I’m going to try one in a bamboo and silk yarn for a birthday present . . .

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