Storybook characters mirrors

mirrors 1

These mirrors were some of my favorite projects – the drawings are all from children’s books, which I made copies of and then traced (with transfer paper) onto ceramic tiles at Paint ‘n Fire ceramics studio.

mirrors 2

Next, I used paint “pens” to outline and color in the designs.

 mirrors 3

After they were fired, I set them into the pre-bought mirror frames with tile glue, and then grouted them in.  A time-consuming project with a lot of steps, but well worth it!

mirrors 4

The tiles on this mirror are all from the book Alligator Alphabet; the second mirror drawings came from a book I borrowed from my daughter’s preschool years ago and I can’t recall the title, which is too bad, because the illustrations are hilarious!

mirrors 5

mirrors 6

mirrors 7

mirrors 8

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