Welcome alpacas!

Mira and Cappella
Cappella (in the front) and Mira

For my oldest daughter’s tenth birthday, we put some of our acreage to use, put up a fence and a simple lean-to shelter, and purchased two alpacas. Capella, the solid brown one, is a two-year-old female, and Mira, with the white face, is an eight-month-old female. We first met them on our visit to Sylvan Skies Alpaca Farm, where my daughter held her birthday party – an alpaca theme, complete with matching birthday cake.

They’ve recently been sheared, so they don’t look as fuzzy as usual – except for their heads, it makes them look like they’ve got furry mops over their eyes! The next step is to get the pasture cleared – because they’re brush-clearers, we thought we could make a go of it without first clearing the land, but it turns out that they don’t like thistles, which is about all we’re growing out there right now . . .

Now if we could just get the alpacas to quit running away from us . . . it’s going to be hard for my daughter to use them as her project for 4H if she can’t catch them!

Emmersen's 10th birthday cake
Emmersen’s 10th birthday cake
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