Lace sweater

lace sweater 1

This felt like the project that would never end – the sweater is long and the lace knitting meant that I had to concentrate on every row. The pattern is Ripple and Bead cardigan, out of the Successful Lace Knitting book. I used seven skeins of Elsebeth Lavold silky wool (wool/silk/nylon blend) in color burnt orange, and I knit the size large (because I didn’t want a tight fit) on US 7 circular needles.

I had a little trouble maintaining the lace pattern once I began the decreases on the front panels, but luckily my “deviations” from the pattern aren’t really noticeable. Also, the sleeves are knit the same width from top to bottom, which makes them really wide at the ends – because they also reach all the way down past my wrists, it just feels like a lot of sleeve swinging around down there. I liked the look better when I turned up the sleeves one large turn (about 3”), so I may tack the turn-up to keep it in place permanently.

lace sweater 2

I think you’d have to be really careful what yarn you used for this pattern, because it’s so long that a more dense yarn would result in a really heavy sweater – this yarn was perfect for the job, very light and airy, and it shows off the lace pattern nicely. I blocked each of the pieces separately before sewing them together to make sure that I opened up the lace and got the dimensions correct – I think this always helps give a better final fit and works better than blocking the entire sweater once it’s sewed together.

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