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A friend recently gave all of the women in our group of friends friendship bracelets that her daughter had made – a beautiful, simple yet thoughtful gift that inspired me to try making my own. Armed with a package of embroidery floss from JoAnns and the Daring Book for Girls for starter patterns, I gave it a try and found it fun and easy, once I learned to pull the knots tight enough. I also found a plethora of information and patterns on numerous friendship bracelet websites, so I tried three patterns: twisted snake (demonstrated in the pics to the left), candy stripe, and chevron.

friendship bracelets 2For me, the best part is putting the colors together – there are so many different combinations and patterns that it’s hard to stop! I also liked the touch my friend used of adding a charm to the bracelet (I tie them around my ankle, so I suppose they’re really anklets), so I found small charms at Michaels that work adequately, but I think that next time, I’ll order something a little sturdier online.friendship bracelets 3

The twisted snake pattern demonstrated at left uses three different shades of pink — two strands of each color. The knotting is simple and the result (see below) is an interesting twist pattern. You can make each color block whatever size you want, and use as many colors as you like.

I know this is a popular activity for girls’ slumber parties, but I think it would be just as fun for our next girls’ night out!

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