My first beret

beret 1

I’ve never really worn a lot of hats – it doesn’t get cold enough here to need them in the winter, and even as a little girl, I’d refuse all of my mom’s efforts to put hats on me to keep me warm, or shaded from the sun, or for whatever other reason she was trying to stick something on my head.

However, there are so many beautiful knitting patterns for hats, and I’ve always thought that berets have a real je ne se qua, so . . .

beret 2

I was convinced to give this pattern a try because of my lust for anything I can make in Koigu PPPM – one of the most stunning yarns made, in my opinion. And, I’d heard raves about the Churchmouse Yarn & Teas patterns.

This pattern took only one skein – although I used every last bit! – on US 1 (for the brim) and US 2 needles (DPNs at the very end). It was also my first attempt at beading (see pic above) and, after I was able to locate the world’s smallest crochet hook (1.15 mm) and Mill Hill beads size 6, it went very smoothly, and I think the effect is beautiful.

beret 3

The pattern is not difficult, just enough variation to keep it interesting, and at only one skein, it knits up relatively quickly. I did a running stitch right above the cast-on band because it fit too loosely – when I pulled the stitch just a little, it tightened up the brim enough to give it a decent fit.

I love it – now to see if I actually wear it . . .

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