San Juans alpaca yarn

alpaca mitts 1

During our annual summer trip to San Juan Island, I visited one of the alpaca farms there and picked up this beautiful, undyed skein of 100% alpaca yarn from Honey Lane Farms – I wanted to get an idea of what our yarn from our own alpacas might look like in the future, and how it might knit up. I found this pattern on Ravelry for free, and the mitts knit up quickly on US 5 DPNs. I learned several new stitch patterns, including the lateral braid and the linen ridge stitch. I love the styling on these mitts, particularly how long the cuffs are, and the fact that even though there are no tips to the fingers (which makes the most sense for our mild winters here in Oregon), there are still individual fingers (takes a little while longer to knit, but creates a better appearance and overall fit).

alpaca mitts 2

The alpaca yarn knit up beautifully and is so soft, with a fuzzy halo, yet very lightweight, too. I have great plans for the yarn we’ll hopefully make from our alpacas’ fleece next spring!

alpaca mitts 3

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