Slipper socks in Koigu yarn

Koigu slipper socks 1

Yet another use for Koigu yarn – I love it! Here’s what Koigu KPM/KPPM Color P927 looked like in the skein and then wound but not yet knitted:

Koigu yarn skein

Koigu yarn cake







The slipper socks pattern is another great one from Churchmouse Yarn & Teas – knitted on US 3 DPNs. One skein makes a set of slipper socks, with some left over. The pattern is one size only, and it fit perfectly, so no need to make any alterations.

Koigu slipper socks 2

I’m not sure how well this yarn will hold up if I walk around in these a lot, so I’m going to wear them with clogs (as suggested by the pattern) – just a touch of color that isn’t as hidden with clogs as it would be in shoes, and just enough to keep my feet warm as we move into fall.

I’m going to knit these in a second colorway – I’ll post the results here soon.

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