Shawl collared cowl

shawl collared cowl 1

This is a newly released pattern from Alana Dakos at Never Not Knitting – it uses a soft, squishy and warm yarn called Misti Alpaca Chunky and is knit on US 8s and 9s. It knits up very quickly – in an evening – I used the same color as the pattern (cimarron #683) but the photos on the pattern make the color look closer to cinnamon, when in reality, it’s more brown with cinnamon highlights.

The pattern is unique – kind of like a scarf, but you don’t have to mess with tying it or figuring out how to wind it around your neck. The shawl collar snuggles around your neck, and you could tuck the bottom portion (with the buttons) into a jacket, or leave it on the outside. I think it’s a great idea – just have to see how often I wear it.

shawl collared collar 2

Since the buttons are a real centerpiece for the item, I searched around on Etsy until I found these from Blarney Yarn – I was looking for wood buttons, but these are made of polymer clay and match beautifully. They’re a little large and heavy, but I like the look and since I just slip it on over my head, I don’t need to constantly be buttoning and unbuttoning.

I’d love to see how this looks in other colors, if anyone has a knitting example to share . . .

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