Marigold cabled mitts

marigold mitts 1

Continuing to work my way through More Last Minute Knitted Gifts, this cabled fingerless gloves pattern came out beautifully – largely because of the yarn, Alchemy Temple in color Michelle’s Marigold. This yarn is amazing – soft, springy, very durable and not likely to shed or pill. I feel like these gloves will actually hold together through more than just a few wearings.

I knit the first glove in women’s medium, but it was a little roomy so I knit the second in child’s large / women’s small – it fit much better, but the yarn is so stretchy and shape-conforming that I’m wondering if I could knit the next size down and get a still better fit . . . the pattern called for the cabling to run right up to the fingers on the back of the gloves but I didn’t like that look as much, and I thought ribbing that ran around the entire top of the glove would make for a better, tighter fit, so I ended the cabling and ribbed around the entire hand.

marigold mitts 2

The ribbing section called for 12 rows but I stopped at row eight or nine — too many more and the end of the glove ran up too high on my fingers. Also, the wristband ribbing is three inches long, which is a nice long length and allows you to fold it up to form a cuff, but since I barely started the second skein of yarn, I’m going to experiment with a 1 1/2” wristband and see if this, coupled with knitting the pattern in size women’s small and fewer rows on the fingers, allows me to finish two gloves in one skein of yarn.

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