Big lace knitting

big lace scarf 1

I loved the big lace scarf pattern in More Last Minute Knitted Gifts, but I wanted to try it with a yarn that wasn’t so bulky that it was like knitting with roving, and could only be worn on a very cold day, like the yarn recommended by the pattern. Lornas Laces Revelation comes in absolutely gorgeous colors – which is my kryptonite, making me want to knit one in every color, even if I don’t need multiple versions of this scarf! This color is poppy – I love the effect of both the slightly varigated color, and the thick-thin variations in the yarn itself.

I knit on US 11 needles and used only one skein – like the yarn used in the original pattern, this makes a scarf that isn’t very long (as you can see in the photo with it wrapped around my neck), but even in this yarn, I’m not sure I’d want as much bulk as you’d get if you knit it twice as long as wrapped or tied it all the way around your neck.

big lace scarf 2

The great thing about this yarn is it’s light as air – while it’s clearly going to be an outdoor scarf, you wouldn’t have to wait until the coldest of winter days to wear it.

A rainbow of fabulous colors, a lightweight feel perfect for lace knitting, and a knit that takes only an afternoon to finish . . . makes this a pretty ideal project in my book.


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