Strawberries on Blueberry Hill

strawberries 1

This was a wonderful free sewing pattern on Purl Bee – the fabric for the strawberries is really unique, it’s Kiyohara woven dots in colors pink and red. The fabric appears to be two thin pieces held together, so it is reversible but also retains a delicate feel. There are only two colors used here, but you get four different looks by using each side of the two reversible fabrics, because the one side is mirror image of the other.

The green is Organic Cotton Duck in avocado, an upholstery weight fabric – and you need that heavier weight to get the stem to cooperate. I loved both these fabrics and wanted to find other uses for them – besides the fact that the Kiyohara print does look exactly like a strawberry!

strawberries 2

The sewing is easy – I finished all four in one day – and the only hand sewing is attaching the stem to the berry. You’ll want to stock up on stuffing, though – I went through two 32-oz bags! I always think the hardest part of projects like this is stuffing them – you can sew exactly according to pattern, but if you stuff too loosely, or too tightly, or just can’t get it shaped right with the stuffing in it, a lot of the time it looks nothing like it’s supposed to . . . luckily, these were pretty easy to stuff because they’re supposed to have kind of a lumpy, uneven look . . . just like real berries, I guess. Each berry is approximately 18” tall, so four will really fill up a chair or bed!

canvas tote bags

I liked the cotton duck fabric so much that I ordered it in hibiscus and ice blue, as well, and sewed up quick tote bags using another Purl Bee pattern. Another very quick sewing project that I finished in one day – I love the instantaneous gratification of a project that goes together so fast! They are durable and built on a circular bottom, so they’ll accommodate a lot of whatever you stuff in them. I may go back and embellish by embroidering one of the girl’s names on each of them, or something like that, but right now they’re being used as our car totes – so that the girls can load them up with all the things they insist on taking with them whenever we go somewhere in the car, and then to help the girls be responsible for hauling all of their stuff back out of the car.

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