A REALLY slouchy slouch

Osprey slouch

My experimentation with berets and slouches has gone too far . . . this one is so slouchy it basically covers my entire head, making it look more like a chef’s hat (a toque). I can’t see myself ever wearing it, which is a shame because I love the yarn – another great find from Quince & Co., this one a worsted weight called Osprey. It was hard to choose among all their beautiful colors – this one is called river – I had to work into a second skein, but just barely, which would have been really frustrating if I didn’t have the mitts (see below) to make out of the same yarn.

The pattern is called Snow Drops and Snap Peas Slouch and Fingerless Mitts by Kirsten Kapur – needles are US 8s (for the ribbing at the start of the hat) and US 10s. It’s also a shame that it won’t see any use because the lace patterning was quite complicated – not difficult, just took a lot of time and concentration.

Osprey mitts

I like the mitts better, but the worsted weight means that you don’t really appreciate the lacework (although I do like the twisted rib stitch around the cuffs). Also, it makes them feel bulky – more like mittens – and as a result, they feel pretty loose, even though I did a tight cast-on and a tight bind-off to close up the openings as much as possible.

Definitely a yarn I’d like to use again, but I’m not so crazy about the pattern – it looks great on the handout, but somehow not as great when I’m wearing it.

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