Atlantis alpaca shawl

Atlantis shawl 1

Lace knitting is usually too detail-oriented for me to handle when it comes to a big project like a shawl, but because this project was knit in worsted weight yarn on US 9s, I gave it a try, and the result was truly lovely. The yarn is incredibly soft – Misti Alpaca Tonos Worsted (50% baby alpaca / 50% merino) in color Atlantis.

Atlantis shawl 2

However, what you gain in softness you give up in crisp definition, and while it feels wonderful to wear, it doesn’t show off the lace pattern like the yarn used on the pattern handout does. Nonetheless, it looks beautiful when it’s worn, and while I’m usually challenged by exactly how to wear a scarf (do I tie it? do I loop it? what do I do with this loose end?), this one is really versatile and can be worn countless ways.

Atlantis shawl 3

I ordered four skeins but ended up using only two, with a little bit of a third (I hate it when I’m left with almost an entire skein!) The pattern is called Hawthorne, available for online purchase here. It is a little more difficult than your average pattern – there is a 34-row knitting chart that you have to follow – but all of the stitch reductions are built into the chart, so there’s no guessing as to what you’re supposed to be doing. If I can muster the patience to repeat the project, I’d love to try it in a different yarn and color, for an entirely different look.

Atlantis shawl 4

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