Cedar leaf shawlette

cedar leaf shawlette 1

I bought this wonderful yarn — Hand Maiden Casbah in color cedar (81% merino / 9% cashmere / 10% nylon). It’s really fingering weight yarn (3 mm 26/4”) and I originally intended to knit Stephen West’s Pogona pattern, but I didn’t like how the pattern began – too confusing! As I wasn’t really that excited about the pattern anyway, it was hard to get myself to keep at it, so instead, I jumped on Ravelry and looked for other projects.

cedar leaf shawlette 2

I discovered Alana Dakos’ pattern here but unfortunately, it called for a heavier weight yarn. The solution: double strand the yarn! It worked perfectly, although I had to order a second skein and I was running out of yarn at the end of adding on the leaf border, so I started knitting the final six or so leaves with single stranded yarn – frankly, I couldn’t really even tell the difference, and I made it to the end without having to order yet another skein. Well worth the modification!

cedar leaf shawlette 3

I used US 7 needles – the size recommended by the pattern – and I think that doubling the yarn made the feel of the shawlette even more springy and soft. I can’t rave enough about this yarn – the feel of it, the subtle color variations, everything about it made it a pleasure to work with.

cedar leaf shawlette 4

The shawlette would be beautiful and simple even without the leaf border, but the border definitely adds a special touch – I confess that I struggled for a while trying to figure out how to start on the border, and looking at my final product, I think I might have had my work facing the wrong direction when I started (because there’s a seam running along the right side where the border joins the body of the shawlette) but frankly, I really can’t tell and it doesn’t do anything to take away from the finished product.

If I had the patience to knit a pattern more than once, I would definitely do this one again – I’d even use the same yarn, maybe in a completely different color, like the brilliant purple amethyst . . .

cedar leaf shawlette 5

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