Pumpkin, butternut squash, and Indian summer sky – autumn blanket and pillows

Quince blanket and pillows

New patterns from Quince & Co – the November Blanket, September Pillow, and October Pillow. Each is a different weight yarn, all 100% American wool. The November Blanket is made from 12 skeins of Puffin on US 13 needles (the color is nasturtium, but for fall I’ve renamed it pumpkin). The October Pillow is 4 skeins of Lark on US 7 needles (color apricot, but to me it looks more like butternut squash), sewn together around an 18” pillow form. The September Pillow is 2 skeins of Osprey on US 8 needles (color peacock, renamed Indian summer sky for this project), sewn around a 14” pillow form.

Getting all three of these projects done was pretty time-consuming – it took several weeks (of course, I couldn’t resist working on other projects simultaneously, which probably slowed me down a little . . .) I really like the simple stitch details, they “pop” in these lofty wool yarns, and I think the colors go nicely together. Looks good on my leather chair — the blanket is probably itchier than you’d want to cuddle up under in bed (it’s got that poofy wool feel) but as a large lap blanket across a chair or couch, it’s functional and beautiful.

September pillow
September pillow in Osprey yarn
October pillow
October pillow in Lark yarn
November blanket
November blanket in Puffin yarn


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