Cinderella’s glass pumpkins

glass pumpkin 1

My whole family — even our five-year-old — tried our hand at glass-blowing this past weekend with the help of the nice folks at Elements Glass. A fascinating process – each person got to try (with assistance) every step of the process, from gathering the molten glass onto the pipe, to rolling it in the fritt (color), to fitting the glass into the mold (to create the ridges on the pumpkin), and finally to blowing through the pipe to create the round pumpkin shape. The Elements Glass folks added the stem, placed it in a holding box to cool slowly over 24 hours and . . . ta da!

I love how the colors interact, and how many different colors you can use, how they look different after the glass has cooled . . . a whole new world to experiment with! We’re going back in December to hand blow ornaments – if you live in the Portland area, I highly recommend it!

glass pumpkin 2

glass pumpkin 3

glass pumpkin 4

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