Mini bunnies in a rainbow of colors

mini bunnies front

A fun way to use up leftover yarn, but I confess that I actually BOUGHT yarn for this project because I wanted a whole range of colors, and I wanted them to all look consistent – the perfect yarn for the job was the mini-skein of worsted wool from Knitwhits. I bought one mini-skein each of ice pink, cerise, light purple, purple, grass, turquoise, ice blue, orange, yellow, and red. Each skeins is 44 yards – more than enough for multiple bunnies. I used US 3 dpns – note that the yarn is gauged for US 7-8 needles, but you need to go several sizes smaller to make the end product as dense as possible.

After I got going, I could knit about two bunnies in 1 – 1 1/2 hours – I used black scrap yarn for the eyes, and cut out tails from white felt and glued them on with fabric glue. The pattern is available free online, called Catnip Bunnies – the author filled them with catnip and used them as cat toys, but I couldn’t stand to see my cats rip these cute little bunnies apart! Instead, I cut out double-thickness squares of cheesecloth, tucked them inside each bunny, filled them in with poly pellets, and then wrapped the top of the cheesecloth closed and put a little bit of stuffing on top, before closing up the top of the bunny. This way, they have a little more heft and that “beanbag feel,” but the poly pellets won’t forever be squeezing out of them . . .

mini bunnies back

Very simple project – the body is sewn as a pouch so there’s no seamed required, then you knit up each ear, tie them together, insert them in the top, and pull the pouch tight to cinch the ears on – stitch around to secure, and ta da!

I’m thinking about selling them at our school’s craft fair, so that all the proceeds are donated to the school – I mean, what kid (or adult, for that matter) could pass by these bunnies without wanting to tuck one in a pocket and take it home?!

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