Candy cane bedroom socks

candy cane socks 1

Okay, here’s the truth — I hated this project. The whole way through, every bit of it. The pattern was a freebie on Purl Bee, but I used different yarn – their suggested yarn was Manos del Uruguay silk blend, and I thought that Lornas Laces Shepherd Sport (100% superwash wool) would be more practical. I used US 5 dpns and colors Natural and Ysolda Red (one skein each, didn’t even come close to using them all up).

The project was incredibly slow – you have to switch yarn colors every two stitches, the entire striping portion, and this made for really slow going. It was one of those projects where I made myself do a certain number of rounds every evening – I couldn’t stand to sit and do much of it all at once. I finished the second sock only out of sheer stubbornness, because of all the work that went into the first one . . .

The real disappointment is that, after all that work, they don’t even fit well – Purl Bee isn’t kidding when they say that this stitch pattern doesn’t make the socks very stretchy, I would say not at ALL stretchy, and since there’s no heel (it’s just knit as a tube), even with size medium (my shoe size is 7 1/2 – 8) I can barely yank the thing over my heel, but then the toe fits fine – even a little loose. If I went up to size large, the portion around my ankle and around my foot would be baggy, but I guess at least I could get it over my heel.

candy cane socks 2

This project would have been a lot more bearable in a bigger gauge yarn – would have made the socks feel more like bedroom socks / slippers, too. Or, it would have been interesting to knit them really large and then felt the finished product. Regardless, the pattern needs to be reworked so that the stitches allow for more stretch, otherwise there’s no way to get a good fit – even a minimally decent fit – over both heel and foot.

My final word: Don’t bother with this one unless you make substantial modifications. But you can bet I’ll find some way to wear them – at least once! – after probably 20+ hours (if not more) of sunk costs 🙁


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