What can you make with two skeins of Madelinetosh?

keyhole scarf

This was one of those impulse buys – I was in Knit Purl last week, ostensibly looking for something else, and couldn’t pass up the springy, squooshy feel of Madelinetosh Vintage and the incredible range and depth of colors. I came home with a skein of Thunderstorm and a skein of Saffron. What do to?

There were a lot of possibilities, as it turned out. I first knit the keyhole scarf (pattern Arwen keyhole scarf) on US 7s. Next up: the Evangeline fingerless mitts on US 7 dpns. The pattern offers options for either short or long gloves – I wanted something in between, so I knit a mid-length glove by doing three repeats (instead of seven for the full-length). Also, after I placed the stitches on waste yarn for the thumb, I did two — instead of three — repeats of pattern rows 3-10 before switching to the six rows of ribbing. Finally, after picking up the stitches for the thumb, I knit all stitches for three rows like the pattern called for, but then knit the final three rows in K2 P2 ribbing before binding off.

Evangeline mitts 1

Since I still had some left over of each skein, and the colors unexpectedly complemented each other, I knit the trellis hat on US 4 16” circulars (for the brim), US 6 16” circulars (the body of the hat) and US 7 dpns (on the decreases at the crown). I striped by changing colors every two rows – the only downside is that, because of the stripes, you can’t really appreciate the cabling pattern toward the bottom of the hat. It would be worth doing this pattern again in a solid color (although the cabling takes a lot of time, even for just a small amount of the hat!)

trellis hat

Again, I ran out of yarn at the very top of the hat – I used a different yarn, but the color is amazingly close, I don’t think you can even tell! I guess my incredibly huge yarn stash does come in handy once in a while . . . I finished it off with Shibui Merino Kid (color Pagoda). I modified the pattern a little bit – it was getting too pointy at the top, so I stopped at approximately row 15 of the crown shaping and just cut the yarn and ran it through the remaining stitches.

Unfortunately, these photos don’t begin to show the beautiful colors – also, I love the feel of Tosh Vintage, but it is very springy – almost so much that it doesn’t feel very soft. I like it for the gloves and hat, but I’d probably choose something else for a scarf the next time around.

Evangeline mitts 2

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