Ann Kelle fabric leftovers make great pillows

Ann Kelle pillows 1

I’ve discovered that making pillows is the perfect way to use up fabric leftover from other projects – I think I’ll make matching pillows with all my quilt project leftovers from now on. Go here for information on these fabrics. The two larger pillows are 16” – I cut the front piece 16.5” by 16.5” (or pieced together fabrics so that these were the dimensions I ended up with) and for the back, I cut two pieces, each 16.5” by 11.5”. I hemmed each of these pieces with a rolled hem (first 1/4” then another 1 3/4”), sewed the front piece to the two back pieces (overlapping the back pieces at the rolled hems), rights sides to right sides . . . and that’s it! The pillow form just slips into the opening.

Ann Kelle pillows 2

For the larger pillows, I decided that buttonholes were a good idea – two buttons centered on the back. Then I made several 14” pillows, and these didn’t even need buttons to keep the opening from gapping.

Ann Kelle pillows 3

I can see how you could keep making pillows all day – different sizes, different shapes, using matching bias tape (or creating it from leftovers) and inserting it around the edges when you sewed right sides to right sides so that you ended up with ruffled trim . . . you could piece together the fabrics as squares, or rectangles, or in strips, for endless different looks on the fronts of the pillows (and the backs, for that matter). It was hard to stop once I got going – a good thing I ran out of fabric!

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