Felted Christmas trees

felted Christmas trees 1

This was a quick, last-minute knit project from Purl Bee – I used two skeins of Manos del Uruguay Handspun in color Natural on US 11 16” circular and dpns. I knit one large and two small trees – knit in the round – then felted them in the washer. I wanted to try something different for the decorations, so I varied between embroidery stars (light and dark pink embroidery thread here) and pink and silver beads and crystals.

felted Christmas trees 2

I stuffed them firmly after sewing on the decorations, but couldn’t get them to stand up without rocking to one side or the other, so I cut cardboard circles, inserted them in the bottom after the stuffing, then sewed them up over the cardboard (which gives them just a little sturdier base).

They aren’t very large, and you need to be up close to appreciate the embroidery and bead work, so you’d want to place them someplace where they’ll be at eye level.

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