Bella’s Christmas place mats and napkins

Bella's Christmas place mats and napkins 1

My mom and Bella, my eight-year-old daughter, worked on the perfect beginning sewing project over the holidays: placemats and napkins. Bella made these as a Christmas gift for her uncle, aunt and cousins. The placemats were easy piecing for the front, then sewing the tops and bottoms right sides together (with batting in between), then turning and top stitching. My mom helped with the pressing, and I used my embroidery machine to sew on each family member’s name.

Bella's Christmas placemats and napkins 2

The napkins are really cool – they’re just half circles, sew fronts and backs right sides together, turn and press, sew the opening closed – the key is how they’re folded. Beautiful!

Bella was very excited to share her finished product; I think maybe we’ll try another set come springtime with some cheery, spring colors.

Bella's Christmas placemats and napkins 3

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