Chanterelle Cardigan

Chanterelle cardigan 1

I’m very picky about how my knitted sweaters come out – a lot of the time, they end up in the “give away” pile because I don’t like how they fit, or hang, or just in general how they look once they’re finished. This one, though, is a keeper.

Beautiful pattern with lots of detail to keep it from just one massive stockinette stitch project, yet still simple and unconfusing. Beautiful yarn – soft and springy, especially surprising for 100% American wool! If I had the patience to knit a pattern this size more than once, I’d definitely make another in a different color . . .

Chanterelle cardigan 2

The pattern is an original from Quince & Co. called Solstice. I used the recommended yarn and the color from the pattern – Quince & Co. Osprey in color Chanterelle. I bought 7 skeins, as the pattern called for, and got well more than halfway through the 7th and final skein, leaving just enough so that I wasn’t nervous about running out.   The recommended needle size was 10 1/2, but I only have US 10s and US 11s, so I used US 10s, but knit a slightly larger size (40”) – the resulting fit was perfect for me.

Chanterelle cardigan 3

The pattern introduced me to several different stitches that were fun to learn, including the faux cable panel and the twisted stockinette stitch.  The pattern used a lot of seed stitch, too; this yarn is a perfect vehicle for showing off these different stitches, because the yarn is springy enough to provide beautiful stitch definition.

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