Valentine Lace

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I saw this project on the Loopknits blog and couldn’t resist- it was ideal, an entire cardigan knit up in just a few days, out of only two skeins of yarn. The yarn is soft, worsted weight, easy to work with, and the lace pattern is simple, just enough to keep the entire project interesting. Worsted weight yarn in lace pattern means that the knitted inches add up quickly!

The pattern is Liesl and the yarn is two skeins of Lornas Laces Shepherd Worsted in color Cranberry. The yarn is rated for US 7 needles, but I knitted it on US 11 24” circulars. At first I didn’t like the pattern because it’s a little confusing and undefined, since it leaves the knitter a lot of options – high neck or open neck, waist length or cropped, etc. I tend to like a very definitive pattern – do this, then do that, go to these exact measurements. But once I got the hang of it, I liked being able to customize it, especially since it’s knit from the top down in one piece, so you can try it on as you go along.

lace valentine 2

I knit the high neck, sleeved version at size 38”. For the yoke, I knit 2 repeats of rows 19-22 before moving to the sweater body (length 8”). I knit it to waist length – 11” from the end of the yoke (the armpits) to the end of the body. At the bottom of the sweater, I knit two additional rows before binding off. The sleeves were three pattern repeats (+ to round 2 before binding off) on US 10 1/2” 16” circulars, totaling a length of 3” before bind off. I used a regular bind-off (instead of picot) for the bottom of the sweater and the ends of the sleeves.

I went ahead and blocked it, but it really didn’t need it, and the end result and dimensions weren’t that different than before it was blocked.

Given the weather around Valentines Day, I think it looks great worn over a long-sleeved white shirt, but in the summer, it will be cute over a tank top. I’d definitely knit this one again – try another one of Lornas Laces wonderful colors.

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