Peek-a-boo hoodie

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This was one of those knitting projects that I deeply regretted shortly after starting it, but doggedly kept on and finally finished it, just from sheer stubbornness. It looked so cute when I saw it online that I decided to give it a try, even though I didn’t have anyone particular in mind for whom I was making it. Big mistake!

The pattern was confusing, especially the section on the sleeves, and in places it was poorly written or designed; for instance, the side of the jacket that isn’t double-knit doesn’t have any edging, so it curls under, which doesn’t look very nice. Also, the bottom of the jacket and the ends of the sleeves are finished by turning the ends under and hemming them, which I don’t like as a finished look – too bulky. And, even though it’s a small jacket, it seemed to take forever to knit – maybe because it was on US 6 needles (felt more like it should have been US 8s or 9s). Finally, a curse upon double-knitting – not a technique that I will ever willingly use again – it took forever! It wasn’t too bad double-knitting the placket of the inside of the jacket, but the hood literally took days – I could only manage a few inches a day.

peek-a-boo hoodie 2

All in all, definitely not worth it! I did get to use some cute buttons I’ve had in my stash for a while, purchased here.

peek-a-boo hoodie buttons

If I was ever to try this one again, I think a few changes in yarn weight / gauge (and eliminating the double-knitting) could make a big difference. Here are the specs:

Pattern: Peek-a-boo Hoodie by Fiddlestix Designs – I knit the 18-month size

Yarn: Cascade Superwash 220 in colors 842 (1 skein) and 804 (3 skeins)

Needles: US 6 in 24” and US 4 in 24” (I used US 5 12” circulars for the sleeves instead of US 6 dpns, made it go a lot faster)

For the sleeves, I just knit in MC (color 804) for 7 1/4”, then changed to CC (color 842) and knit 12 rounds before binding off.

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