Hydrangea felt pillow

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Hydrangeas are one of my favorite flowers – I love the fluffy balls of colors that range from light pink to deep purple, I love that they have a long bloom season and that they bloom in late summer, when so many other flowers are already done for the year, I love that they’re easy to dry and still stay beautiful . . . they were the featured flower at my wedding, and I must have at least 20 different hydrangea bushes planted around the property.

felt hydrangea 2

So I couldn’t resist this project at the Pine Needle, a local quilting shop. I’ve done a few small projects sewing with felt, and I really like it, but I wasn’t sure how I’d do hand-sewing on all of the flower petals. I always worry that it won’t come out looking like the pattern . . . but this one was simple, came out just as I’d envisioned, and didn’t even take as long as I thought it would. I cut out the felt leaves accordingly to the pattern, and then “cheated” and used the applique stitch on my sewing machine (instead of hand sewing) to blanket stitch on the leaves and then straight stitch on the leaf detail. Next I sewed three circles, of decreasing sizes, onto the spot where the center of the hydrangea would go (this is to give the flower head some height and dimension). Then I cut out seventy 1 1/2” squares of colored felt, and cut a small “V” shape out of each of the four sides to give it a petal-like appearance, and hand-sewed each petal on with a bead in the center. The pattern gives good suggestions as to how to place the petals so that they appear fluffy and clustered together. Then all that’s left to do is to sew the background onto the larger piece of felt that makes up the pillow, and sew two matching pieces of felt to the back to make up the pillow backing, insert an 18” pillow form . . . and it’s done!

felt hydrangea 3

The pattern is so simple that all I need to do is buy some more felt to make a second one, which I plan on doing as soon as I unearth myself from my extremely large pile of unfinished sewing and knitting projects still to be done!

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