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My daughters’ school has its annual auction coming up this month – one of the few opportunities I have these days to dress up and go out for the evening. I found a little black dress I liked, but because it’s February, I really needed something over my shoulders. I thought this would be a perfect opportunity for a little knitted item . . .

This shrug pattern is free on Purl Bee – I knit the second to largest size (60”) because I wanted something more drapey than form-fitting. I used three skeins (170 yds/ea) of Artyarns beaded mohair (73% silk, 27% mohair w/ glass beads) in color Silver (#22465). Needles are US 8 12” circular.

sparkly shrug 2

One great thing about this pattern is that you can customize the sleeve length and the back width, as you go. You knit each sleeve and one half of the back as a single piece, so you knit up two and then kitchener stitch them together in the middle of the back. The sleeve starts with some nice lacework (hard to see it enough to appreciate it in this yarn). I ended up knitting the sleeves approx. 15 1/2” long (I think I would have shortened them about 2 inches, in retrospect) and the back is knit 10 1/2” wide each side (for a total width of approx. 21”). I knit the back a little wide to allow for a looser fit, but then found that it was hard to keep the shrug from slipping off my shoulders, so I ran a length of yarn through the portion of the shrug that falls right near my armpits, to tighten it up a little.

sparkly shrug 3

I’m happy with the results – the yarn feels heavenly, I like how the glass beads sparkle, it’s a good fit, and the back drapes nicely instead of pulling tight across my shoulders – the only thing I don’t like is that when I wear it with a strappy dress, the shrug gaps so that you see just the area near my armpits – not my most attractive feature! It seems like the shrug needs to either overlap with the bodice of the dress (like I’ve arranged it in the photo below) or have such a large gap that it doesn’t look odd to have just this sliver of skin showing. Oh well, I’ll probably just get over it and wear it anyway . . .

sparkly shrug 4

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