Frosty cardigan


This is one of my favorite sweaters so far . . . fun to knit, didn’t take overly long, wonderful yarn to work with, great final result. Here’s the info: Pattern: Aidez (free download from Berroco) Yarn: Quince & Co’s Osprey in color Frost (five skeins, and I used up just about every bit of the final skein) – this 100% wool yarn is so springy and soft, it’s great for showing stitch definition, and the color is fabulous – like off-white with an undershade of winter blue

frosty cardigan 2

Needles: US 10s (the pattern calls for 10 1/2s but I didn’t have them – tried US 11s but the result was way too loose – I didn’t get gauge on US 10s, so I knitted up a size to 44” (I’d usually knit a 40” for a fitted sweater like this)

frosty cardigan 3
Beautiful stitch pattern on the front panels
frosty cardigan 4
Another great stitch pattern on the back panel

Modifications: I read on Ravelry that the sleeves were very tight, so I knit the largest size (increases every 1 1/4” to 54 sts) – I worried this would make them too long if I used all the decreases (and I would have probably run out of yarn), so I did the decrease row on the sleeve cap every 4th row only 2 times more (instead of 5), then decreased every RS row until I had 12 sts left (instead of 4 sts), then did my bind-off. The result was the perfect sleeve length – the sleeves are still very fitted, but just right (as long as I don’t want to wear a long-sleeved shirt underneath the cardigan).

frosty cardigan 5

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