Poodle skirt lace scarf

poodle skirt scarf 1

I didn’t plan on this project, but saw it on Knit Purl’s website and couldn’t resist. It gave me an excuse to use Shibui Staccato yarn (65% superwash merino, 30% silk, 5% nylon) for something other than sock knitting (which I tend to avoid at all costs). Just enough of a lace pattern to keep it interesting, not so much that I had to concentrate exclusively on the pattern. The pattern is Draper (also by Shibui) and the yarn color is Poodle Skirt (great name!) – I needed two skeins (really, 1 1/2 skeins) for the small size scarf, and US 5 needles (24” circulars or longer).

poodle skirt scarf 2

The large size (which takes 4 skeins) is really striking, but I think the small size is much more versatile – you can wear it without it covering your entire torso. The triangular shape actually makes it easier to figure out how to drape and tie it, and I came up with several different ways to wear it.

poodle skirt scarf 3

I finished in just a couple of days, so I may try one in another color . . .

poodle skirt scarf 4
Here’s the finished project on the blocking board – the pattern called for using blocking wires, which would have worked better than pins because they tended to stretch out each point where the pin was exerting tension
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